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flying for equality

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As I watched the black lives matter movement I asked myself: How is it possible that in our world there's still so much discrimination going on. How comes that women still earn less money in the same positions as their male counterparts, how is it possible that you're still not comfortable kissing your same-sex partner in public and how can it be that people of colour or with migratory background still face so many disadvantages in daily life. And all this in a so called civilized country. Something has to change.


Since my early days as a paragliding student I've had the idea to cross the Alps on foot and with my paraglider. This idea has been growing in me. And one day watching television with riots in America I understood that I have the unique opportunity to use my project to raise awareness on all the kinds of discrimination in our world and maybe raise money for an NGO which fights all the facets of discrimination.

As I told my idea to two of my best flying buddies, they wanted to join and so we became the trio infernale facing one of their best challenges ever!

Who are we

Who are we?

I am just a regular guy. I'm an emergency physician who started flying 2015, since there I was flying only little until I discovered my passion for XC flying.  2019 Alex and I did our first short XC flight. Immediately we were hooked and wanted to learn more and get more experienced. On one of our holidays we met Michi who was at the same level as we were and as stoked as we were. We chased it as hard as our jobs would allow. Making 100km a possible distance. Now we feel ready to face one of our biggest challenges ever! With us: Luis, Andy's husband. The creative non-flyer. Taking pictures, videos, supporting food, warmth and love.


Follow us on our epic journey and see how we get prepared.



Here you can find a blog with some thoughts, exciting videos and pictures


During the race there will be a link for the live tracking.



Here you can find the donation page. Thank you very much!

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