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Day 11

Another unexpected day. The weather forecast didn't look good so we went to a good restaurant yesterday evening and had some delicious food. It got late. Before going to bed we checked the weather. There should be a window between 15-18o'clock. So today we hiked the 1000m to the Collet d'Allevard. Such a beautiful hike through dense Forrest with ivy grown ruins. It felt dream like.

At the take off it was again a difficult decision when to leave. Luckily there was a paragliding school and as we saw them shooting up to the clouds we knew the day was on. It was difficult very technical flying but still we could make our way to Albertville. What views we had of Mont Blanc and on the other side Annecy. Incredible.

The next two days will be rainy so maybe we'll have a day off... who knows.


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