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Day 14

Another crazy day. The last few days we hiked all the way from Albertville to the Col des Aravis where we spent a beautiful night with Mont Blanc right before us. Today we thought the northern foehn could be a problem in a region we don't know in the southern alps, so we decided to hike another 15km to a small takeoff in reach of Passy, a paragliding Eldorado. The hike was amazing. The views of Mont Blanc were breathtaking and we again could watch some wild animals like Marmots, Eagles a fox and a majestic herd of Capricorns. So beautiful.

In the late afternoon we found a good takeoff just in front of the highest European mountain and could fly some majestic 15km to Passy. This trip is so amazing it'll take some months to sort all the impressions in my head. Just thankful!

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