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Day 2

What a difficult day... we hiked all the way from the cabane du Cheval Blanc to the Cheval Blanc- hoping a takeoff would be possible. Unfortunately the wind was too strong. So we continued our hike to the Colle de Talon where conditions were risky. We decided to take off. I managed to get airborne. The air was rising but my courage was fading. So I landed near les Blancs. Alex decided after a strong gust at takeoff that it's not worth the risk and went down a road leading back direction from where e started.

Now we'll join him by car. With a Pizza!!!

Tonight we'll have to decide how to continue. Maybe it's time to change location radically since the weather in the alps doesn't look promising the next few days.

Still today was such a beautiful day! We saw marmot, Capricorn and some chamois in a landscape that's just breathtaking. With almost no civilisation... what else can you look for in such a trip?

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