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I have a dream

Almost everyone will know this excerpt of the famous Martin Luther King speech from almost 60 years ago. Even though many things have changed for the better. There is still a lot of injustice. I would even extend the speech to: … a world where they will not be judged by the color of the skin, their sex or whom they love but by the content of their character.

Another time an LGBT member faces death penalty in Iran. How is this possible. Not by attacking anyone, not by killing anyone, not by undermining the government but only by being oneself you can find yourself in front of a trial and be sentenced to death. And this in the 21st century. This drives me incredibly sad.

How can a hug between two human beings be a scandal? During the Olympics the Ukrainian Oleksandr Abramenko hugged Russia's Ilia Burov gaining a lot of critique. But let's be honest. These are two professional skiers. All they care about is skiing and jumping. Sharing a good competition and congratulating each other after winning silver and gold. What's more human than that?

But there's again some really favorable changes as well. Beside others: Kuwait has dismissed a law that criminalized the imitation of the opposite sex. That led to imprisonment of transgender people. So we can change things. Ad we have.

Since Martin Luther King many good changes took place. African Americans are juridically free in the USA – although there's still a lot of discrimination going on. LGBT Members are allowed to love whom they want in some countries. Women are allowed to vote in some countries. Genders are open for discussion and there are legal possibilities in some countries.

But I do have a dream. That some day people worldwide will be judged by their character and nothing else. I still have a dream today.

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