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Let's get started - Ehe für alle

Hello to my new project.

Right on time for the "Ehe für alle" campaign in Switzerland I will start my own little campaign. Flying for equality.

On the 23.09.2021 the Swiss population will vote on something long overdue. Unfortunately they excluded the in vitro fertilization for same sex partners. But at least I hope that there will be more rights for same sex partnerships.

Reasons why this should have happened long ago:


Some arguments for marriage-equality:

  1. C'mon we're in the 21st century... We're the las country in central/western Europe that still has no marriage-equality

  2. Due to the UN Charta for human rights "All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights."

  3. Same taxes, same rights. Why shall I pay the same taxes when I don't have the same rights

  4. There's some evidencethat legalizing same sex marriage may lower the suicide rate in same sex couples. US-Study , Scandinavian Study

  5. Who cares? Why should a heterosexual couple care about others? It does no harm to others!


Some arguments for adoption/same sex couples raising children

  1. There's enough evidence that children raised in same sex relationships turn out as fine as in opposite sex couples. If not even a little bit better (School, general well-being)

  2. Forbidding adoption means that you really think that a kid is better off in an orphanage somewhere in a poor country than in a loving same-sex family in Switzerland. Seriously?!?

  3. If you like it or not... there's already a lot of children growing up in same sex families. Unfortunately they have minimal rights until now. It's important to secure their future.


So if you read this make sure to vote!

There will be more blogs coming from now on. I will take you with me flying and discussing. So make sure to subscribe to the newsletter.

Next: Alpstein Crossing. A hike&fly team-race

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