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Planing a route

Only 4 weeks to go. We're getting nervous. But we have some very good ideas. We have to stay very flexible because we cannot plan the weather. But this does not hinder us on planing in advance. How do we do this? There's a great tool for planing "easy" routes in the alps. Or even worldwide: thermiXC. On this side, you can see where the busy routes are. Even with potential thermal hot spots. For possible takeoffs, we use mainly Paragliding Map. But Paragliding365 gives you some good alternatives. And recently, we got a map of the eastern alps showing valley winds and possible lee situations due to alpine pumping. But how do we plan if we don't know the weather in advance. It's very rudimentary: We try to find busy routes in thermiXC and try to connect them in an easy way. So, that we can fly theoretically through the entire length of the alps. On the internet - watching billions of YouTube videos, reading blogs, studying XContest - we try to point out the more difficult areas and try to avoid them in our route planing. Last but not least: With the satellite function in Google Maps and Google Earth you can find potential "difficult to land areas". Even though, this is never 100% accurate. But it gives you an idea. And to give us more opportunities we defined a southern, a middle and a northern route through the alps. And one very special route around the Monteviso area. So, this should give us some good opportunities. You can look forward to our trip. We will update you regularly on our route planing once the trip has started. Yeehaa!

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