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Spring visited shortly...

...and has offered us a phenomenal start into the season!

A nearly 60 km flat triangle stood at the end for Michi and myself after about 3:30 h flight from Cari, above Faido, Tessin, Switzerland - super cool and for the season our respective personal record!

All the way west to Ariolo and back east until Biasca, I was chasing Michi full-time. He has flown his new glider (Chilli 5) and of course this must have been the reason for the difference ;)

Despite some flights in winter, the first serious thermals at the beginning of the season still takes some time getting used to. Feeling the movements of the glider, experiencing the wind around you and what impact he generates on your flying and of course looking for the thermals, finding them, feeling and processing them in a relaxed manner. The basic skills for XC flying are becoming more and more mature, but for me they demand higher attention than basic skills in other sports, for example mountain biking. Especially at the beginning of the season. So it was a very valuable training and testing day as well.

Looking forward to the real and more longterm spring to come around soon and our next flight in complete round with Andy and Luis, who has hopefully totally recovered after a "short" birthday celebration break ;)

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