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T-1 We have a start!

So the days are getting longer and our trip is one day ahead! Unbelievable! It took us until the last second to decide where we want to start. It was a difficult decision. Hence the weather isn't favorable in the alps right now. It's too much northern wind to allow us flying long distances. That's why we decided for:

Saint Andre les Alpes!

It's a very famous flying region with a lot to offer. All tough it's not super easy to fly. Or that's what they say. We've never been there. But Saturday and Sunday look promising for the region. So we'll find out how the flying there is. A lot of walking expected for the first few days.

Unfortunately Michi has 2 job appointments on Monday and Tuesday, so he'll join us only on Wednesday. He'll bring some fresh energy when we'll be tired already.

How can you follow us?

The easiest way is with our live tracking. There you can see any time where we are. Big thanks to ZENIT!

We'll post daily updates. The plan is to make every day a short 15sek video. From time to time we'll go live. As we do tomorrow at 8 o'clock for the start. The videos and live sessions will be in German. It's more natural to us.

Why is it still important to raise awareness on discrimination in developed countries?

Here you find some shocking numbers I found.

Some more news from the last few weeks:

- More than 70 students were imprisoned during the pride in Istanbul

- The hate crimes on LGBT people have gone up more than 50% in Switzerland - mostly transphobic hate crimes

- Switzerland ranks place 20 with Slovenia in the European rainbow ranking, showing rights for LGBT people. (Behind Croatia and Montenegro)

So, now cross your fingers for a successful crossing of the alps! We'll see you on the trip!

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