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Think positive!

Why do we fly for equality and not against discrimination? My first idea was to call the project: Flying against discrimination. I want to raise awareness on every form of discrimination. But let's see what psychology tells us:

The human subconscious mind does not understand the word NOT. So if we say: „Do not discriminate!“ What our subconsciousness understands is: „Do discriminate!“ So if we want to change something we have to put things in a positive way. Call it: „Be for equality!“ This is something our mind can work with. And that's all about this project.

Do not say don't :-)

But what means discrimination?

In this work – unfortunately it's entirely in German or French – you'll find all the forms of racism and discrimination and a very good explanation of the terms.

Discrimination comes from the Latin word “discrimen” meaning: To part/divide. So a sieve does “discriminate” stones from sand for example. But early on the word got an emotional connotation, meaning decision or justice. Nowadays, we use it to show social injustice or injustice towards people with an important social attribute. It comes from the more powerful in society and meanwhile gives more power to the discriminator.

But why is it essential to be for equality. We are not the same... Yes, that's true. But here are some thoughts about this:

  1. None is the same as the other. So why do you discriminate people of different color instead of different nose size? This is purely random. We are always afraid of what we don't know. So the other colored guy must be scary. But as we know, most of the aggressors in domestic violence come from the closer surrounding. We shouldn't be scared of the unknown. Bernese Study (German) Brasilian Study

  2. It makes us feel strong to discriminate: Yes, unfortunately when you oppress someone, it gives you the wrong idea of being stronger. But being more people doesn't mean that you're stronger. This is nonsense. So be humble and thankful that you don't have any attribute, that makes you vulnerable. And if you do have: Than make it a strength! You are special!

  3. The better people work together, the more we prosper. Instead of working against each other, we should work together. If you want to build a house, imagine all people helping together. And now imagine one building and one deconstructing the house. That's nonsense.

  4. Why do you care about your neighbor's garden? Instead of taking care of your garden, you always peek into your neighbor's garden. If it is for curiosity, then do so, and you'll get ideas how different you can live your life. But if it is with envy, you'll forget to take care of your garden, and it will rot. So live your life, be curious and if you don't understand something: Don't care about it as long as it doesn't affect you. Or to put it into positive language: Mind your own business. It's so easy!

So enjoy this beautiful Sunday. Be thankful for what you have and be thankful to live in a colorful world which you are a part of. You are one dot of color in an endless spectrum of rainbow-colors.

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