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Time to review the year

So this will be my last post before Christmas. Maybe even this year.

It's time for a review of what happened in 2021.

There's been so much going on in this world. Where shall I start? I'm sure you all read the news. But I strangely get the impression that the world is upside down. Whereas back in the 90s it was mostly 1st world countries that would change the laws for the better, now it seems to be the other way round.

Botswana's supreme court would dismiss an appeal of the government trying to ban same sexual relationships

Chile would legalize same sex marriage just as Switzerland.

But meanwhile

Texas bans abortions after 6 weeks and makes safe abortions almost impossible - I remember that abortion is the 3rd leading cause of maternal death

Hungary bans the favorable display of LGBT+ people in public. Making education almost impossible.

So what happens that we're always going up and down?

I do believe that everything is oscillating around the middle. And the middle is constantly going towards what we do believe is good. So if we all start to believe that human equality is important, then we'll move there slowly. With ups and downs. But the direction will be continuous. Like a river meandering to the sea.

For some distraction, here's a recap of my paragliding year.

Enjoy and Merry X-Mas

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