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Why do we fly?

Vol de nuit

Dreaming is what makes the difference between feeling alive and living. What else is our life than a senseless continuity of actions before we die? We wake up, we eat, we sleep and that's it. So what makes our life worth living? It's the dreaming. We need to dream to feel alive. We need to dream of love, of adventures, of a fulfilled life. The hope to fulfill our dreams makes us willing to continue, to go on. It gives us the desire and the fire we need in our life.

Some people are scared to fulfill their dreams because they think they will run out of them. But don't worry. The more you fulfill, the more you will dream.

So why do we love to fly? Flying is not meant for us humans. We have no wings and we don't see the air move.

Many thousand years mankind dreamt of flying... but without success. Many walked the earth with their eyes directed to the sky, watching the birds full of jealousy. Some lost their lives to the dream. One day we invented huge machines allowing us to leave the ground. The beginnings were daring and dangerous. But the more knowledge we could acquire, the better our airplanes became. But still it was necessary to have a huge machine to take off. Until paragliding. Paragliding made the uttermost dream of mankind so simple to fulfill. Just one bag and you can defy gravity. Flying a paraglider means fulfilling the dream of thousands before us. And fulfilling a dream means the difference between living and feeling alive. That's why we fly.

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