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Women's rights are human rights

Do you know which country was the first to allow women to vote? It was New Zealand in the year 1893. The US followed early in 1917. It took Switzerland almost 100 years to overcome the conservative thinking. Women's Suffrage wasn't reality before 1990! Even tough the legal consent was made already 1971 – but some districts just wouldn't bother.

So it is obvious, that even tough we seem to be a progressive country, in some aspects we're not. How often have I seen women being outdone by men in their jobs, even tough they were better and tougher. Some studies show that this is not just my observation.

But it's not only this. Women do earn less than their male counterparts. To be exact: 19% less salary. Whereas 55% can be explained by lower qualifications etc. But 45% cannot be explained... So it's almost 10% less salary with no reason!

This page shows you, that everybody would profit, if women earned more. Not only for better retirement provisions making social assistance less probable but also for the prosperity of a country.

And this is Switzerland. Try to imagine a different country like Jordan, where men are legal “guardians” of their spouses. Taking away their rights and freedom. Or Burkina Faso, where female genital mutilation is still a sad reality.

There's still so much work to be done. Only if we're all equally treated, we can become free. We all MUST have the same rights. There is no explanation for any kind of discrimination. But especially not for gender-discrimination! It's a discrimination of 50% of the population. And that is nonsense.

I know that this is a short entry for such a huge topic. But it's so big I don't even know where to start.

As a digestivo here you have my latest video. A beautiful winter VolBiv to test my gear and see if it all fits in my pod harness.

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