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 schwarzer Hintergrund
VolBiv 2021.HEIC
 schwarzer Hintergrund


Thanks for your interest and reading about us.


My name is Alex. I’m a 37 years old guy from northern Germany, where everything is mostly flat and not really suitable for classic paragliding and other things I’m doing now. But you learn how to play football and to drink beer with beloved friends. Second, one of the most important lessons of my life ;)




I abandoned football and discovered my passion for nature, riding with my bike through many forests and over mountains all over the world, tracking through the wilderness of Scandinavia or floating over lakes in a small packraft.


I started paragliding in 2015. Hiking on mountains and flying down without any heavy equipment was my dream. Experience curve was high and the progress fascinating. Learning something like paragliding in all different aspects from general flying technique, meteo briefings to complex thermal theories and route planning is amazing. All of this ended up in unforgettable moments in the air and everlasting small “hero stories” together with my friends under the glider and while drinking a beer on the landing field.



Looking forward to some inspiring stories and through this, raise awareness on the main idea of this project. For me people should have the same rights and possibilities, independent on where they're from, who they love or whatever. There should be no space in life for discrimination. I’m happy to be part of this and to support Andy on this approach!

 schwarzer Hintergrund
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