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 schwarzer Hintergrund
 schwarzer Hintergrund


Called by many "Crazy Luis" he is the love of my life. The super creative artist. He won the Swiss Prix Walo for singing and songwriting. He won the freestyle dance award in Switzerland. Organized many events. Wrote and recorded a CD for an AIDS project in the 90s. Was the head of for 18 years and did a lot of great work in creating more acceptance for LGBT people in Switzerland, fighting for #equality. Without him the world would be less accepting. 

Now he makes what he loves most: Photography. Make sure to check his pictures (see below)

I feel honored that he joins our project. Following us by our van and supporting us with what we might need. And especially taking great shots. Surely he'll create a beautiful world for you to follow us on our journey.

 schwarzer Hintergrund
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