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Day 12

Another bad weather day. Rain with low clouds and to much wind. The decision was not easy made. But since we wanted to do a volbiv trip we chose to hike another 20km and 1250m of altitude to get into the mountains. We hiked to the Col de l Arppetaz to find a beautiful hut up here with a very well thought concept. Everything is as sustainable as possible. No sheets of you have your own, no fresh glasses for another round, no cheap snacks wrapped in plastic. The food is all regional, the water from the well. So amazing. Built with so much respect to nature.

We would have never crossed this place if we didn't choose to hike. But that's the beauty about volbiv. You'll come to unexpected places you've never heard of before. What a beauty!

Today we'll continue our hike to the Col dAravis to be in a good position for Saturday where we might fly again.

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Only 4 days left. Will we make it to Switzerland?

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