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Route Summary

Dear all,

It's been one week since our amazing journey ended. But another one continues: life.

It had been 2 crazy weeks. The weather gods were harsh on us windwise but Helion was very kind and gave us a lot of sun with only 2 days of rain. So we could hike almost every day. And what shall I say? So we did! It feels as if we hiked all the way from St. André les Alpes to Passy. What incredible landscapes. I was surprised how wild the French Alps are. You can still get lost in Europe. What a beautiful feeling. And the wilderness is still healthy. We saw so many different animals. And that is all the magic about VolBiv. It doesn't matter how far you fly or hike. You'll always explore new places. Places you might have never seen otherwise. Or who else has heard of a Mountain called Tête De La Clappe before? So the magic happens when you let go of your plans and just immerse yourself into the unknown and enjoy every single minute of it.

Have we had difficult moments? Yes and no. There were moments we hiked all day and had not enough food to cover our caloric expenses. But was it difficult? No. If you have good friends the mood is always good. It's part of the adventure and then you accept it with a smile and laugh about it. We made jokes on eating the cows alive on the farms. :-)

Other difficult moments? I think we generally made wise decisions, rarely bringing us in trouble. It was always "safe" and we preferred to hike than to fly in uncertain conditions - ok except for once. But even the doubtful decision was so reassured by thousands of observations that we were confident to stay in the safe margins. And so we were. Of course some daredevils would have flown further or hiked faster. But would they have had the same fun as we did? I doubt it. We enjoyed every single moment. And that is priceless.

Even if it doesn't matter how far we went, I know many people still want to know it. So here are some stats:

We hiked more than 160km with more than 11'000m of altitude gain an we have flown for about 300km. For better visualization here you have a map.

Hope to bring some more shootage soon.

Thank you once again for supporting us, sharing our story and most important for all your nice comments.


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