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Day 16

What a last day? The perfect ending for a perfect trip? We decided to stay in Passy to have a last possibility to fly back to Switzerland. By noon we realized that it would be impossible. The wind in Switzerland was by far too strong and the thermals in Passy to weak. So we told ourselves to enjoy a perfect flight in front of Mont Blanc. First I thought I'll have to land because it was so weak. Already above the landing zone Alex and I found a thermal and we made it to the cloud base. We just enjoyed a perfect flying day and made some great pictures. A perfect end for a perfect trip.

I cannot thank enough to everyone who participated! for promoting our trip.

If Sattlerei for making the shirts. Zenit for giving us a possibility to show you live where we are and of course Amnesty international. They supported our idea without any pressure. Giving us full freedom in planning. Thanks so much.

But the biggest Credits go to the 3 crazy guys sharing this adventure with me. Alex with his huge knowledge of nature and his kind being made the trip always feel easy and never left me puzzling.

Michi who's wit is amazing giving us a good laugh when we were exhausted, and his sensitivity to feel the people's well-being is incomparable. Two amazing friends.

And last but most important Luis... love of my life. Making me believe that I can do it and supporting us with an incredible patience, always thinking ahead and being there for us.

Thank you all so much.

The next few days will be a lot of work... but I hope to present you a movie from the trip soon. But it might take some months. Stay tuned

Thank you all who donated, shared or just watched our trip. I hope you enjoyed it.

See you soon

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