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TEASER / Prize Draw

Long time no news.

But it has a reason. I was working on the movie. And since I do have a job besides this project it took me a while to finish the movie. It'll be out next week. So you can look forward to a nice summary of our trip. If you can't wait here's a short teaser already!

I hope you enjoy it.


The prize draw was made by Amnesty International double blinded. The winner is Sebastian Rogler. He was contacted by us and is looking forward to do a tandem flight after curing his knee injury.

Generously Carrie Thomas flying for Robair is donating the Tandem Flight for our good cause! THANK YOU!


Meanwhile I was contacted by a US organization making a list with Black Owned Shops. Not sure if this is the right way. But as long as people are systematically discriminated maybe it is the right way... Here is the list. Maybe you want to support a Block Owned Shop:


This year we'll do another VolBiv Trip but this time with a lot less Social Media Aharing. But who knows. Maybe there'll be a Part 2 of the movie. Stay tuned.

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