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Discrimination in refugee politics

Crazy times we live in. First we had to make it through COVID and now we face a war in Europe. It's unbelievable. How could this happen? I don't want to go into politics. But it's obvious that our ability to talk together and to find other ways than violence have failed.

The more beautiful it is, to see this huge wave of sympathy for our friends in Ukraine. Never before have I seen such an enormous effort to help Ukrainian refugees.

It took us only days to collect trailers full of goods, weeks to find private homes for families, schools to teach the kids. This huge wave of sympathy is amazing. Every village has a Ukrainian flag somewhere. We do feel so close to our brothers and sisters in Ukraine. They're white, christian Europeans that fight against our common enemy Russia and Vladimir Putin. This makes it so easy for us to feel sympathy. I do understand that.

But don't we forget something? Only a few years back, we built fences to protect us against refugees coming from different countries. We talked about differences, “economic refugees”, refugees wanting to steal our standards. We were afraid to be run over. There's not enough place for all of them.

How did our thoughts change so quick? Or is it just pure racism?

Don't get me wrong: How many bags did I donate to Afghanistan? None.

So, where does this come from. I really do believe that there are many factors to it. But the main is racism. We are afraid of the unknown. And that makes us racists. But rationally, there's no good reason for it.

But if we do want to end wars, we need to talk to each other and understand another to make sure we do not fail again. Because every war is senseless and only brings pain to both sides.

Meanwhile, we have to be proud of what we can do if we want. It's amazingly beautiful how many powers can be mobilized if we want to. Take this as a good example how we could deal with future refugee crisis.

And if you feel so, then make sure to donate to organizations that don't support only the white European refugees but do support so many more without any discrimination.

Thank you!

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